A Working Model of the World

A Working Model of the World is an exhibition co-curated with Holly Williams from The Curators’ Department especially for University museums and galleries.

The exhibition explores the practical, philosophical and symbolic work that models do for us, and asks how we use models to contemplate, experiment, invent and teach.

The artists in the exhibition interrogate the role of models in human experience and deploy techniques and forms of model-making in their work. Alongside the artworks are emblematic and evocative models borrowed from museum and research collections. This eclectic combination invites a conversation between different forms of material thinking from many disciplines.

So far the exhibition has been shown at UNSW Galleries Sydney and The New School, New York (2017) and LifeSpace, University of Dundee (2018).

See the project website for much more info: www.workingmodeloftheworld.com