A collaboration with George Khut, Greg Turner and John Tonkin.

The Cardiomorphologies series, by George Khut and collaborators explores the subjective spaces created through interaction with a simple geometric visualisation of realtime heart and breath rate data. The installation is comprised of one large foor-to-ceiling video projection, that is controlled by heart and breath signals from the participant who is seated a few metres away.

Between 2004 and 2006 several different versions where exhibited, beginning with a very stark, hard-edged visualisation designed with John Tonkin, and ending in the multi-layered and highly dynamic visualisations developed with Lizzie Muller and Greg Turner between 2005–2006.

Cardiomorphologies was the basis for an ongoing collaboration between George Khut and Lizzie Muller around the investigation and inclusion of audience experience in the creation and exhibition of interactive artworks. This research was a major part of the doctoral research for both Lizzie and George, and the basis of ongoing collaborations in numerous further projects including the major research programme Thinking Through the Body. 

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